How do I care for my candle? 

The first burn is most important, please allow 2-3 hours of burn time to allow the wax to melt all around the jar. Please please trim your wick before every burn. This ensures the wick burns properly without any sooting. The wick must be 1/4" long before each burn. 

Remove non wax toppings once the wax has melted enough. Always burn candles on a heat-resistant surface, away from flammable objects, and away from children or pets. 

Damaged or Lost Items

In the event that a candle arrives broken, please contact me right away with photos of the broken candle/package at goodvibesscents@gmail.com. I will file a claim with USPS. Whether or not USPS accepts the claim, I will offer a replacement if possible. Due to the nature of my candles, some cannot be replicated. In that case I will issue credit for another candle in my shop of equal or lesser value. If an item gets lost in transit, I will issue credit for a candle of equal or lesser value from my shop.

What if my package says delivered but it is missing?

Unfortunately, once an item is scanned by USPS it is out of my control as I no longer have it. Shipping 

All orders ship weekly. Please double check that the address is correct at the time of your order as I cannot make changes once the label has been created. If your order has shipped, please contact USPS to make changes to the address. I do not offer replacements or refunds due to incorrect addresses. If I receive an item back because of an incorrect address, the buyer must pay the additional shipping to send the item back.

I only ship to the U.S but I can make an exception and ship to Canada per request. 

Can I reuse my candle containers? 

YES! I encourage you to reuse every glass whether it is a jelly jar or a mug. The container can be cleaned out with warm water until clean. Additionally, containers can be placed in a freezer for about 1-3 hours and the frozen wax can be carefully removed with a knife.